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Gas Analyser Inline Disc Filters

Gas Analyser Inline Disc Filters

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Tiffany Hussain
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Tiffany Hussain

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Helapet inline gas analyser filters use high performance microporous PTFE media to protect sensitive components within hand-held and static analysers from the ingress of particulates and moisture, whilst maintaining optimum flow rates.

Ideal for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), each replaceable filter can be securely applied inline using hose barb inlet/outlet connections. Helapet use ultrasonic welding within a polypropylene housing to prevent the risk of bypass and accidental admission of contaminants.

Customise your gas analyser disc filter

Create the ideal inline disc filter to suit your gas analyser or any other specialist filtration application using our extensive range of customisable options. Use our Vari-Disk® service to select your filter size, filter media, inlet/outlet connections and bespoke printing to enhance your filter solution.

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Housing materialBorealis® Polypropylene
Standard media usedPTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)
HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air/Arrestor)
Standard micron size0.3µm / 1.0µm
Standard connector optionsInlet1/4" hose barb / 3/16" hose barb
Outlet1/4" hose barb / 3/16" hose barb
Filter sizes25mm50mm
Filtration area4.23cm217.35cm2
Maximum pressureUp to 60psi (4.14 bar)Up to 50psi (3.44 bar)
ApplicationInstrumentation protection from moisture and particulates
TestingWater entry pressure
Flow rate
Bubble point tested
Clean pressure drop
Burst integrity test
Pressure test
Standard pack size25 or 50 pieces per pack20 or 25 pieces per pack
Common configurations
Product codeMediaInletOutletSizeSales Unit
FH03710.3µm HEPA3/16" Stepped Hose Barb3/16" Stepped Hose Barb25mm50 pcs/pck
FH33751.0µm PTFE3/16" Stepped Hose Barb3/16" Stepped Hose Barb25mm50 pcs/pck
FH35751.0µm PTFE3/16" Stepped Hose Barb3/16" Stepped Hose Barb50mm20 pcs/pck
FH35551.0µm PTFE1/4" Stepped Hose Barb1/4" Stepped Hose Barb50mm20 pcs/pck

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