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Cleaning and Disinfection

SteriClean® Sprays

Alcohol Sprays

0.9 Litre
XX6800IPA Spray 0.9Lsterile
SP6801IPA Spray (no bag in bottle)0.9Lnon sterile
XX6900 DE Spray 0.9Lsterile
XX6901DE E-Spray (no bag in bottle)0.9Lsterile
0.45 Litre
XX6902DE Spray 0.45Lsterile

SteriSpor™ Sporicidal Spray

SteriSpor™ Sporicidal Spray

XX6604SteriSpor™ Sporicidal Spray0.9Lsterile

SteriClean® Impreganted Wipes

SteriClean® FloWrap Wipes

XX6250IPA FloWrap Wipes - 10 pack23 x 23cmsterile
XX6251IMS FloWrap Wipes - 10 pack23 x 23cmsterile
XX6252IPA FloWrap Wipes - 100 pack23 x 23cmsterile
XX6253IMS FloWrap Wipes - 100 pack23 x 23cmsterile

SteriClean® Individual IPA Wipes

XX6720Standard SteriClean® IPA Wipe10 x 15cmsterile
XXTB6725Large SteriClean® IPA Wipe (triple bagged)19 x 20cmsterile

SteriClean® Prep Pads

XX6307IPA Prep Pad3.2 x 6.7cmsterile
XX6307AIPA Prep Pad (double bagged)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
3.2 x 6.7cmsterile 

SteriClean® Dry Wipes

Standard Dry Wipes

XX6700Single Dry Wipe23 x 23cmsterile
XX67055 pack Dry Wipes23 x 23cmsterile
XX671010 pack Dry Wipes23 x 23cmsterile
XX6709Dry wipes (bulk pack)23 x 23cmsterile

XL Dry Wipes

XX6712XL 5 Pack Dry Wipes30 x 30cmsterile
XX6769XL 50 Pack Dry Wipes 30 x 30cmsterile

Non Sterile Dry Wipes

WN6709Non Sterile Dry Wipes23 x 23cmnon sterile
WN6712Non Sterile Dry Wipes30 x 30cmnon sterile

SteriClean® Foam Wipe

XX4699Foam Wipe23 x 23cmsterile

SteriClean® Laser Sealed Polywipe

WL6259Laser Sealed Polywipe23 x 23cmnon sterile

Cleaning and Packaging Tissue Sheets

WT1750Tissue Sheets 50 x 48.5cmnon sterile


SF4105Utility Foam Swab3"non sterile
SF2112Pillow Tip Swab6"non sterile

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Gloves - Latex

Berner Cytotoxic Latex Glove

GL3010Berner Cytotoxic Latex Glove6.5sterile
GL3015Berner Cytotoxic Latex Glove7sterile
GL3020Berner Cytotoxic Latex Glove7.5sterile
GL3025Berner Cytotoxic Latex Glove8sterile
GL3030Berner Cytotoxic Latex Glove8.5sterile
GL3040Berner Cytotoxic Latex Glove9sterile

BioClean® Advance Surgical Glove

GL5065BioClean® Advance Surgical Glove6.5sterile
GL5070BioClean® Advance Surgical Glove7sterile
GL5075BioClean® Advance Surgical Glove7.5sterile
GL5080BioClean® Advance Surgical Glove8sterile
GL5085BioClean® Advance Surgical Glove8.5sterile

Sempermed® Supreme Surgical Glove

GL1060-50Sempermed® Supreme Surgical Glove
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
GL1065-50Sempermed® Supreme Surgical Glove6.5sterile
GL1070-50Sempermed® Supreme Surgical Glove7sterile
GL1075-50Sempermed® Supreme Surgical Glove7.5sterile
GL1080-50Sempermed® Supreme Surgical Glove8sterile
GL1085-50Sempermed® Supreme Surgical Glove8.5sterile
GL1090-50Sempermed® Supreme Surgical Glove9sterile

Gloves Non-latex

Berner Cytotoxic Neoprene Glove

GP3070Berner Cytotoxic Neoprene Glove7sterile
GP3075Berner Cytotoxic Neoprene Glove7.5sterile
GP3080Berner Cytotoxic Neoprene Glove8sterile
GP3085Berner Cytotoxic Neoprene Glove8.5sterile
GP3090Berner Cytotoxic Neoprene Glove9sterile

Bioclean® Ultimate Synthetic Cleanroom Glove

GS1065Bioclean® Ultimate Cleanroom Glove6.5sterile
GS1070Bioclean® Ultimate Cleanroom Glove7sterile
GS1075Bioclean® Ultimate Cleanroom Glove7.5sterile
GS1080Bioclean® Ultimate Cleanroom Glove8sterile
GS1085Bioclean® Ultimate Cleanroom Glove8.5sterile
GS1090Bioclean® Ultimate Cleanroom Glove9sterile

Gloves - Nitrile

Berner Nitrile Glove

GN3010Berner Nitrile Glove6 (XS)non sterile
GN3015Berner Nitrile Glove7 (S)non sterile
GN3020Berner Nitrile Glove8 (M)non sterile
GN3025Berner Nitrile Glove9 (L)non sterile
GN3030Berner Nitrile Glove10 (XL)non sterile
GN9610Berner Nitrile Glove6 (XS)sterile
GN9615Berner Nitrile Glove7 (S)sterile
GN9620Berner Nitrile Glove8 (M)sterile
GN9625Berner Nitrile Glove9 (L)sterile
GN9630Berner Nitrile Glove10 (XL)sterile

Bioclean® Emerald Underglove

GU1060Bioclean® Emerald Underglove6sterile
GU1065Bioclean® Emerald Underglove6.5sterile
GU1070Bioclean® Emerald Underglove7sterile
GU1075Bioclean® Emerald Underglove7.5sterile
GU1080Bioclean® Emerald Underglove8sterile
GU1085Bioclean® Emerald Underglove8.5sterile
GU1090Bioclean® Emerald Underglove9sterile

Bioclean® Synergy Glove

GU2060Bioclean® Synergy Glove6non sterile
GU2065Bioclean® Synergy Glove6.5non sterile
GU2075Bioclean® Synergy Glove7.5non sterile
GU2085Bioclean® Synergy Glove8.5non sterile
GU2090Bioclean® Synergy Glove9non sterile

Glove Liner

GW0900Glove Linerstdnon sterile


BioClean™ Cleanroom Tie-on Facemask

SN5202BioClean™ Tie-on Facemaskstdsterile
AN5202BioClean™ Tie-on Facemaskstdnon sterile

BioClean™ Clearview™ Visor Facemask

SN0425LClearview™ Looped Visor Facemaskstdsterile
SN0425TClearview™ Tie-on Visor Facemaskstdsterile

Positive Facial Lock (PFL®) Laser Facemask

TM0638Positive Facial Lock Facemaskstdnon sterile

Moldex Activform (FFP3) Facemask

FM3405Activform (FFP3) Facemaskstdnon sterile

Alphamesh A-2CV (odourless) Facemask

FM0330A-2CV (odourless) Facemaskstdnon sterile

Protective Suits

Tyvek® All-in-one Suit

AT0110Tyvek® All-in-one Suitsmallnon sterile
AT0120Tyvek® All-in-one Suitmednon sterile
AT0130Tyvek® All-in-one Suitlargenon sterile
AT0140Tyvek® All-in-one SuitX largenon sterile
AT0150Tyvek® All-in-one SuitXX largenon sterile
XX0110Tyvek® All-in-one Suitsmallsterile
XX0120Tyvek® All-in-one Suitmedsterile
XX0130Tyvek® All-in-one Suitlargesterile
XX0140Tyvek® All-in-one SuitX largesterile
XX0150Tyvek® All-in-one SuitXX largesterile


Berner Cytotoxic Gown

AB2010Berner Cytotoxic Gownsmallsterile
AB2020Berner Cytotoxic Gownmedsterile
AB2030Berner Cytotoxic Gownlargesterile
AB2040Berner Cytotoxic GownX largesterile

Lab Coats

Tyvek® Lab Coat

AT1410Tyvek® Lab Coat - no pocketssmallnon sterile
AT1420Tyvek® Lab Coat - no pocketsmednon sterile
AT1430Tyvek® Lab Coat - no pocketslargenon sterile
AT1520Tyvek® Lab Coat - 2 pocketsmednon sterile
AT1530Tyvek® Lab Coat - 2 pocketslargenon sterile


Bouffant Cap

AN3115Bouffant Capstdnon sterile

Non-woven Mob Cap

AN3113Non-woven Mob Caplargenon sterile

Non-woven Beard Mask

AN4311Non-woven Beard Maskstdnon sterile

Foam Beard Mask

AF4402Foam Beard Maskstdnon sterile

Clear Overvision Spectacles

CS0014Clear Overvision Spectaclesstdnon sterile

Arm Protection

Berner Oversleeves

AB0001Berner Oversleevesstdsterile

Polythene Oversleeves

AN0068Polythene Oversleevesstdnon sterile
XX0068Sterile Polythene Oversleevesstdsterile

Tyvek® Oversleeves

AT0006Tyvek® Oversleevesstdnon sterile
XX0006Sterile Tyvek® Oversleevesstdsterile

Foot Protection

Safestep Non-slip Overshoes

AO0016Safestep Non-slip Overshoes16"non sterile

Polyethylene Overshoes

AO2401Polyethylene Overshoes14"non sterile

Syringes, Venting and Transfer Devices

Needle-free Devices

Vented Vial Adapter

IV0013Vented Vial Adapter13mmsterile
IV0020LVented Vial Adapter20mmsterile

Swabable Vial Adapter

IV72026Swabable Vial Adapter20mmsterile

PharmaVent™ Spike Vent

IV4040PharmaVent™ Spike Ventstdsterile

Vial2Bag® Needle-less IV Transfer System

IV70101Vial2Bag® IV Transfer Systemstdsterile



Male Luer Lock (MLL) Vial Adapter

IV72024Male Luer Lock Vial Adapter20mmsterile

NeedleSafe II™

NS2000NeedleSafe II™
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
stdnon sterile 

Venting Devices - Cannula

PharmaVent™ Needle Vent

IV7471PharmaVent™ Needle Vent18mmsterile

Rowespike® Vent

IV6017Rowespike® Vent33mm cannulasterile

Rowespike® II Chemo Vent and Filter

IV6016Rowespike®II Chemo Vent/Filter15mm ∅ filtersterile

Rowespike® II Chemo Vent

IV6433SRowespike® II Chemo Vent41mm cannulasterile

Filtration Devices

PharmaClear™ 25mm Syringe Filters

IV5010Syringe Filter - 5 μm 25mmsterile
IV5002Syringe Filter - 0.2 μm 25mmsterile

Filter Aspirator

IV1530Filter Aspirator
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Luer Lock Connectors

Luer Lock Connectors

IV5713Female Luer Lock Connector30mmsterile
IV5712Female Luer Lock (Micro Channel) Connector40mmsterile

Syringe Caps

Combi-Cap® Syringe Cap

IV2102Combi-Cap® Syringe Capstdsterile

Yellow Male Luer Lock (MLL) Syringe Cap

XX3005Yellow MLL Syringe Capstdsterile

Tamper Evident IV Syringe Cap

IV5750RTamper Evident IV Syringe Capstdsterile

PharmaPack® Sterile Multi-pack Syringes

Luer Lock - Uncapped

Double bagged packaging
XX3101BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)1mlsterile
XX3103BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)3mlsterile
XX3203BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)3mlsterile
XX3503BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)3mlsterile
XX3105BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)5mlsterile
XX3205BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)5mlsterile
XX3110BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)10mlsterile
XX3120BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)20mlsterile
XX3220BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)20mlsterile
XX3130BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)30mlsterile
XX3230BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)30mlsterile
XX3150BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)50mlsterile
XX3250BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)50mlsterile
XX3350BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)50mlsterile
Triple bagged packaging
XXTB30501BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
XXTB30505BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
XXTB30510PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
XXTB3130BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
XXTB3150BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
50m sterile 

Luer Lock - Capped

Double bagged packaging
XX3101BDCPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
XX3103BDCPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
XX3203BDCPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
XX3105BDCPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
XX3205BDCPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
XX3110BDCPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
XX3120BDCPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
XX3220BDCPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
XX3130BDCPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
XX3150BDCPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
XX3250BDCPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
Triple bagged packaging
XXTB30505BDCPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
XXTB30510BDCPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
XXTB3120BDCPharmaPack® BD syringe (LL)
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Luer Slip - Uncapped

Double bagged packaging
XX3101BBLSPharmaPack® BB syringe (LS)1mlsterile
XX3101LSPharmaPack® BD syringe (LS)1mlsterile
XX3052BDPharmaPack® BD syringe (LS)2mlsterile

Cold Chain Solutions

Temperature Breach Indicators

Timestrip® PLUS +8°C Temperature Breach Indicator

TP065Timestrip® PLUS +8°C 19mm x 40mmnon sterile

Blood Temp 6 Temperature Breach Indicator

TB006Timestrip® Blood Temp 6 19mm x 32mmnon sterile

Blood Temp 10 Temperature Breach Indicator

TB010Timestrip® Blood Temp 10 19mm x 30mmnon sterile

Helapet Pre-filled Syringe Transporter

1 - 5ml syringes

XXST1005Syringe Transporter1-5mlsterile
ST1005Syringe Transporter1-5mlnon sterile
XXST1050Syringe Transporter 30-50mlsterile
ST1050Syringe Transporter 30-50mlnon sterile

Specialist Bags and Packaging

Labelled Bags

Chemo-Trans-Waste Bag

XX1008Chemo-Trans-Waste Bag10 x 8"sterile
XX1218Chemo-Trans-Waste Bag12 x 18"sterile
PB1008Chemo-Trans-Waste Bag10 x 8"non sterile
PB1218Chemo-Trans-Waste Bag12 x 18"non sterile

MedTrans Waste Bag

XX1220MedTrans Waste Bag12 x 18"sterile
PB1220MedTrans Waste Bag12 x 18"non sterile

Intrathecal Bag

PB0810Intrathecal Bag8 x 10"non sterile

Vinca Alkaloid Bag

PB8100Vinca Alkaloid Bag8 x 10"non sterile

Plain Bags

UV Light Inhibiting Amber Bags

Open Ended
PB0190UV Light Inhibiting Amber Bags 8 x 14"non sterile
PB0191UV Light Inhibiting Amber Bags 5 x 7"non sterile
PB0192UV Light Inhibiting Amber Bags
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
3 x 9"non sterile 
PB0194UV Light Inhibiting Amber Bags 6 x 14"non sterile
PB0195UV Light Inhibiting Amber Bags 12 x 18"non sterile
PB0196UV Light Inhibiting Amber Bags 3 x 11"non sterile
PB0208UV Light Inhibiting Amber Bags 6 x 8"non sterile
PB0214UV Light Inhibiting Amber Bags 8 x 14"non sterile
PB2012UV Light Inhibiting Amber Bags 20 x 12"non sterile

Isolator Waste Bag

XX1538Isolator Waste Bag15 x 38"sterile

Resealable Polybag

XX1004Resealable PolybagA4sterile
XX1005Resealable PolybagA4sterile
XX1116Resealable Polybag11 x 16"sterile
XX1117Resealable Polybag11 x 16"sterile
XX1375Resealable Polybag3 x 7.5"sterile

Clinical Waste and Spillage

Spill Kits

CS0999Home Chemotherapy Spill Kitstdnon sterile

Spill Products

Polypropylene Pillows

CS2016Polypropylene Pillows18 x 18"non sterile
CS2221Polypropylene Pillows8.5 x 8.5"non sterile
CS2224Polypropylene Pillows8.5 x 17"non sterile

Polypropylene Containment Socks

CS2004Containment Socks8 x 117cmnon sterile

Sterile Sharps Bins

Sterile Cyto Sharps Bin - Purple Top

XX0605ASterile Cyto Sharps Bin5Lsterile
XX0472CSterile Cyto Sharps Bin2.5Lsterile
XX0478CSterile Cyto Sharps Bin0.6Lsterile
XX0471ASterile Sharps Bin5Lsterile
XX0472ASterile Sharps Bin2.5Lsterile
XX0478Sterile Sharps Bin0.6Lsterile

Ampoule Breaker

AB7000Ampoule Breakerstdnon sterile
XX7000Sterile Ampoule Breakerstdsterile


Berner Cytotoxic Workmat

WP8001Berner Cytotoxic Workmat26 x 42cmsterile
WP8101Berner Cytotoxic Workmat41 x 56cmsterile

Helapet Pharmacy Workmat

WP4657Helapet Pharmacy Workmat46 x 57cmnon sterile
XX2025Helapet Pharmacy Workmat20 x 25cmsterile
XX2846Helapet Pharmacy Workmat28 x 46cmsterile



Surgi-Mark™ Utility Marker Pen

PT0181Surgi-Mark™ Utility Marker Penstdsterile

Vismark Surgical Skin Marker

PT1400 Vismark Surgical Skin MarkerFinesterile
PT1402Vismark Surgical Skin MarkerUltra-Finesterile
PT1404Vismark Surgical Skin MarkerBroadsterile

Cleanroom Paper

A4 Cleanroom Paper

MP0003 A4 Cleanroom PaperA4non sterile

Tacky Mats

Microtak Tacky Mats

MF1836White Microtak mat18 x 36"non sterile
MF0004Grey Microtak mat18 x 45"non sterile
MF1845White Microtak mat18 x 45"non sterile
MF2436White Microtak mat24 x 36"non sterile
MF2602Blue Microtak Mat26 x 45"non sterile

Antimicrobial Hospital Tacky Mat

MH1845Grey Hospital Antimicrobial Mat18 x 45"non sterile

Steri-Dropper™ Sterile Eye Dropper Bottles

IV1630Steri-Dropper™ Eye Dropper Bottles3mlsterile
IV1632Steri-Dropper™ Eye Dropper Bottles7mlsterile
IV1634Steri-Dropper™ Eye Dropper Bottles
Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
IV1633Steri-Dropper™ Eye Dropper Bottles15mlsterile

Prep Trays

XX2312Prep Trays23 x 12 x 2cmsterile
XX2428Prep Trays28 x 23 x 5cmsterile
PP2312Prep Trays23 x 12 x 2cmnon sterile
PP2428Prep Trays28 x 23 x 5cmnon sterile

Filter Devices

Gas Analyser Inline Disc Filters

FH0371Gas Analyser Inline Disc FilterTBAnon sterile
FH3375Gas Analyser Inline Disc FilterTBAnon sterile
FH3575Gas Analyser Inline Disc FilterTBAnon sterile
FH3555Gas Analyser Inline Disc FilterTBAnon sterile

CO2 Incubator Inline Disc Filters

FH0595CO2 Incubator Inline Disc Filter1/8" NPTnon sterile
FH0555CO2 Incubator Inline Disc Filter1/4" stepped barbnon sterile

Autoclave Inline Disc Filters

FH1551Gas Analyser Inline Disc Filter1/4" stepped barbnon sterile
FH5581Gas Analyser Inline Disc Filter3/16" barbnon sterile
FH25101Gas Analyser Inline Disc Filter1/8" BSPT cut flushnon sterile

Ink-jet Inline Disc Filters

FH3597Ink-jet Inline Disc Filterstdnon sterile

Pipette Controller Inline Disc Filters

FH4235Pipette Controller Inline Disc Filter0.2 µmnon sterile
FH4335Pipette Controller Inline Disc Filter0.45 µmnon sterile

Vacuum Pump Inline Disc Filters

FH8555Vacuum Pump Inline Disc Filterstdnon sterile
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