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SteriSpor™ Sporicidal Spray

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Product code: XX6604

Tel: +44 (0)1582 501980 (Sales)

Email: sales@helapet.co.uk



Helapet introduce our high performance, fast acting sterile sporicidal disinfectant for use in critically controlled environments.

A stable hypochlorous acid preparation SteriSpor™ offers an effective combination of potency and operator safety, exceeding latest UK guidelines in the elimination of viable spores* whilst emitting little odour and leaving minimal residue.

Each bottle incorporates a closed bag-in-bottle system combined with non-vented trigger, restricting the ingress of bacteria which could compromise the sterile environment.

SteriSpor™ is presented in a lightweight, ergonomic bottle with long length trigger providing optional jet or fine-mist settings for preferred coverage of surfaces.

Each bottle is supplied sterile for immediate use and double bagged to support cleanroom aseptic transfer. SteriSpor™ is the ideal spray solution for aseptic transfer processing and cleanroom surface disinfection, best used with our SteriClean® range of sterile alcohol sprays and wipes.

This product is available triple bagged on request. Enquire today for a quotation.

*NHS Pharmaceutical Micro Protocols Group (2015); Guidance for Aseptic Transfer Processes in the NHS: Addressing Sporicidal Issues; 1st Ed



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Part Code Product Name Size Sterility Sales Unit
XX6604 SteriSpor™ Sporicidal Spray 0.9L sterile 6 bottles per/pck

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid >3log reduction of viable spores in less than 1 minute
  • Non-hazardous, low odour preparation
  • Very low residue reducing removal time
  • Low corrosion risk on cleanroom surfaces and equipment
  • Ready to use, sterile

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