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Veterinary Cyto Assistant's Pack

Veterinary Cyto Assistant's Pack

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The Veterinary Cyto Assistant's Pack is a handy "grab and go" protective solution for support staff, required to handle animals during cytotoxic administration procedures.

Complementing the Veterinary Cyto Procedure Pack, the Cyto Assistant's Pack offers the same quality protective apparel to resist contamination from hazardous spills, splashes and aerosol exposure. All items are contained in vacuum sealed wrapping and individually labelled, eliminating the need to source individual items from stock.

Veterinary professionals have the convenient option of either protective oversleeves or frontal protective gown. Both options provide lengthy breakthrough times against a list of commonly used chemicals and cytotoxic solutions*.



Contents 1 x pair polymer coated oversleeves*
  1 x closed front gown with knitted cuffs**
  1 x Clearview Visor Facemask
  1 x pair latex free cytotoxic gloves

*Standard Size Pack **Deluxe Size Pack


Part Code Product Name Size Sterility Sales Unit
CS5015 Veterinary Cyto Assistant's Pack

includes Berner cytotoxic resistant oversleeves - AB0001

std non-sterile 1 pc/pck
CS5025 Veterinary Cyto Assistant's Pack

includes Berner cytotoxic resistant gown - AB20XX

deluxe non-sterile 1 pc/pck

Features and Benefits

  • Essential protective disposables in one handy pack
  • Type-tested protective apparel with lengthy breakthrough times*
  • Reduced preparation time
  • Vacuum sealed and individually labelled
  • Choice of oversleeves or closed front gown

*Permeation data for individual components available on request

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