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Veterinary Cyto Procedure Pack

Veterinary Cyto Procedure Pack

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The Veterinary Cyto Procedure Pack contains a list of type-tested, latex-free apparel and essential accessories designed to protect vet practitioners against accidental cytotoxic spills, splashes and aerosols.

Each pack item has been selected to significantly reduce the risk of possible exposure and cross contamination. The Veterinary Cyto Procedure Pack can help to reduce preparation time between each treatment, by negating the need to source individual components from stock.

Contained in a handy "grab and go" pack, each Cyto Procedure Pack is securely vacuum sealed in transparent wrapping and individually labelled for easy identification of the contents. Based on personal preference, Helapet offer a standard and deluxe version with a choice of oversleeves or closed front gown protection.

For clinical procedures involving cytotoxics and other potentially hazardous medications, the Veterinary Cyto Procedure Pack provides piece of mind for professionals conducting regular chemotherapy treatments.



Contents 1 x pair polymer coated oversleeves*
  1 x closed front gown with knitted cuffs**
  1 x Clearview Visor Facemask
  1 x pair latex free cytotoxic gloves
  1 x absorbent workmat
  1 x sterile venting device with plastic spike
  1 x Chemo Trans-Waste Bag
  2 x alcohol impregnated wipes

*Standard Size Pack **Deluxe Size Pack


Part Code Product Name Size Sterility Sales Unit
CS5010 Veterinary Cyto Procedure Pack
includes Berner cytotoxic resistant oversleeves - AB0001
std non-sterile 4 pcs/pck
CS5020 Veterinary Cyto Procedure Pack
includes Berner cytotoxic resistant gown - AB20XX
deluxe non-sterile 4 pcs/pck

Features and Benefits

  • Essential protective disposables in one handy pack
  • Type-tested apparel with lengthy breakthrough times*
  • Reduced preparation time
  • Vacuum sealed and individually labelled
  • Choice of oversleeves or closed front gown protection

*Permeation data for individual components available on request

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