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Picking the right media material

Filter media is the main component of filtration devices and making the right choice is critical to your application. Materials are chosen for their inherent characteristics whether the material is hydrophilic/phobic, its pore size, strength, chemical compatibility and thermal stability.

Helapet have access to a comprehensive range of media for particle filtration and microfiltration requirements, with a comprehensive selection of filter media materials and pore sizes. We can combine media, including double or triple layering to add additional robustness, improve throughput or enhance particle retention. We can also incorporate our client's own media if required.

Our filter media options:

Micro-porous membrane

Microporous filters are conventionally categorized as membrane filters or depth filters. Membrane filters are composed of a thin semipermeable film referred to as a membrane, which retains particles primarily through surface capture.

Micro-porous membrane

PTFE (PolyTetraFluroEthylene)

Sterile Venting | Clarification of Organic Materials

Gas analysis | Vacuum pumps | Micro-breweries | Benchtop Fermenters

An inherently hydrophobic micro-porous media typically used to resist moisture in the air, ranging from 0.2μm to 5μm. 0.2μm rated media can be used for sterile venting applications.

PES (Polyether Sulphone)

Fluid Filtration

Biopharmaceutical engineering |Sterile vents | Liquid filling and packaging

An inherently hydrophilic media providing a useful combination of high filter capacity with a wide range of pore sizes, versatile for specific filtration applications without affecting throughput. Low protein binding and low extractable properties make this media ideal for filtering of biological substances.

Depth media

Depth media

Depth media filters retain particles throughout the media. Increasingly small pore sizes mean the media can trap particles of various sizes in addition to higher dirt holding capacity compared to surface media filters.

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting)

Air Filtration

Gas control equipment | Incubators | Autoclaves | Fire testing

A non-woven synthetic fibre which is effective in capturing particles at 0.3 microns or larger from the air. Ideal for dirt removal applications whilst maintaining good flow rates.

Woven screen

Woven screen filters are used for the precise filtration, separation and clarification of particles from liquids. Due to being used in more industrial applications, typical screen filter media are more resilient and durable, able to operate at higher temperature and pressures.

Woven screen


Liquid Filtration

Life science applications | Filtration of proteins and macromolecules

Grants very high flow rates due to strong tensile strength and has excellent compatibility with chemicals. Ideal for the filtration of aggressive aqueous substances.

WPE (Woven Polyester)

Liquid Filtration

Industrial ink jet printers | Last chance filtration of particulates

Woven media in a screen pattern provides absolute filtration for liquids and ink, ideal for large particle removal.

Stainless Steel Mesh

Liquid Filtration

Industrial ink jet printers | Last chance filtration of particulates

Robust and efficient with high level holding capacity and filtration between 10μm and 100μm. Typically used to reduce fluid contamination which can cause clogging and instrument damage by large particle removal. Examples include hydraulic filtration and the clarification of ink in industrial inkjet printers.

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