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SteriClean® Alcohol Sprays

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Tel: +44 (0)1582 501980 (Sales)

Email: sales@helapet.co.uk



High performance general purpose disinfectant sprays for use in cleanrooms and critically controlled environments.

SteriClean® Alcohol Sprays use an optimal mix of 70% v/v isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or de-natured ethanol (DE), blended with 30% purified water for injection (WFI) and 0.2 micron filtered for use in aseptic areas.

Contained in an ergonomic and lightweight bottle design, Helapet sterile trigger sprays use a proven closed bag in bottle spray assembly to maintain sterility of contents by restricting the ingress of bacteria. SteriClean® DE Sprays are available in a smaller 0.45L size for accessible cleaning in confined work areas.

Each SteriClean® Alcohol Spray is double bagged in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom and gamma sterilised to no less than 25 kGy, suitable for efficient aseptic transfer into cleanrooms and isolator environments.

These products are available triple bagged on request. Enquire today for a quotation.



Part Code Product Name Size Sterility Sales Unit
XX6800 SteriClean® IPA Spray (bag in bottle) 0.9L sterile 6 bottles per/pck
SP6801 SteriClean® IPA Spray 0.9L non-sterile 6 bottles per/pck
XX6900 SteriClean® DE Spray (bag in bottle) 0.9L sterile 6 bottles per/pck
XX6901 SteriClean® DE Spray (no bag in bottle) 0.9L sterile 6 bottles per/pck
XX6902 SteriClean® DE Spray (bag in bottle) 0.45L sterile 12 bottles per/pck

Features and Benefits

  • 70/30 isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or denatured ethanol (DE)
  • 0.2 micron filtered
  • Bag in bottle closed system ensures sterility of contents
  • Lightweight, ergonomic bottle design
  • Long length, non-venting trigger
  • 0.9L and 0.45L* bottle sizes
  • Individually double bagged and gamma sterilised at no less than 25 kGy

*DE alcohol spray only

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